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How to Avoid Black Hat Blogging

how to avoid black hat blogging

10%. A mere 10%. That is how many people will statistically be willing to bear with your site if it is poorly designed.

75% of a site’s credibility comes from its design. That is why when you are working to make a site for your business, companies like social benge can help to optimize your design. With their help, you can create a great site for your business and for your visitors.

Now, perhaps you might want to try making your site on your own. That’s fine, of course, so how about some blogging tips to help you along?

So, with that introduction, welcome to digital marketing 101! Here we will be explaining how to avoid bad design methods, specifically black hat blogging. Let’s get started!

Black Hat SEO

First things first, let’s go over what is black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is a series of methods of creating a site or blog that is more focused on getting views and increasing the rankings on a search engine than it is providing the visitors with useful information.

Black Hat SEO Examples

There is a very long list of practices that are considered black hat and should, therefore, be avoided. One common example is what is called keyword stuffing, which involves taking a keyword that will commonly be searched for and using it to an excessive degree without adding anything significant to the site.

Another black hat technique is pretty straightforward and that is reporting a competitor. Now, clearly, this only applies when said competitor has done nothing to warrant being reported. This hurts the competitor’s reputation and ranking but also pushes yours up as they fall. However, when this is shown to be the case, your own site will take a hit.

A third black hat technique creating duplicate pages. As you might guess, this involves creating multiple pages on the same site with the exact same information. For example, if you are creating a site about power tools, you can create a page talking about a power drill, but you then create more pages and just copy and paste the content of the original page, getting more attention from search engine while providing nothing more to your site.

black hat seo

Preventing the Black Hat Blogging

When it comes to preventing the usage of black hat SEO on your site, it is both easy and complicated at the same time. The main way to avoid it is to put more effort into the content of your site.

Creating worthwhile content is a major way to avoid black hat blogging and improving your search engine ranking by providing your visitors with something they’d actually like to view. Another method would be making sure the layout of your site is easy to navigate so that your site’s visitors can easily use it.

Avoid farming links through any method. Don’t buy or sell links or create a network of blogs and other sites simply to get more links. While the number of links does improve your ranking, it won’t make your site popular among the viewers if all of your links just go to poorly constructed websites made just to give you more links.

Summarizing Prevention Methods

The best and most surefire way to avoid black hat blogging is to ensure that you take special care to ensure that you follow the rules and guidelines of the various search engines. These guidelines will tell you most of the methods to best make your site and how to avoid the black hat methods.

digital marketing 101

Consequences of Wearing the Black Hat

Now, you might be wondering what happens if you end up using the black hat methods. After all, despite what it seems, they do improve your site’s search engine rankings, so what would be so bad about using them when doing some marketing for small businesses?

Well, the first thing that would happen from using these methods would be losing reputation among your potential readers. Sure, there’d be plenty of people going onto your black hat site at first, but when word gets passed around about how lackluster and poorly done the site is, those readers will quickly begin to disappear.

Another consequence of using black hat methods is that the search engines will kick your site off of the search engines making it nigh impossible for new visitors to find your site without help from other sites. This could very likely spell the demise of your site and, potentially, your business.

Ending Conclusion of the Black Hat Method

When it comes to the usage of black hat techniques, they are only for use in the short run. Despite not being illegal in their usage, they are still very much looked down on and, as such, there are a number of rules that work to prevent their use. Over time, usage of these methods could result in a number of consequences that could have a powerful and devastating impact on your company and your site.

Need Help, No Problem

Now, avoiding the usage of these black hat blogging methods might be difficult, especially if you have a business to run at the same time. That is why there are a number of marketing sites that will help you design your site to its fullest potential. Social benge is one such site.

So, if you need help, making your site the best it can be, then please contact us! We look forward to working with you.

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