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social benge

Affordable Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses

About social benge

High-Quality Content at an Affordable Price

Every small business starts with brand identity - logos, websites, graphics, social handles - and social benge specializes in creating and maintaining custom brands for small businesses!

Engaging, relevant, and authentic content is crucial to run a successful business digitally. You want the results from social media, and social benge knows exactly what it takes to get you just that!

What We Offer

Website Design Services
Start Right


Start your business with a stunning logo, innoative website, flyers, menus, and so much more. Let us create your design ideas digitally.

White Label Social Media Management
Grow Faster


Expand your brand and audience with our social media management, advertisement, and custom content.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization
Rank Higher


Optimize your website and start ranking on search engines. Increase your ranking through guest posts and collaborations.

social benge strives to ensure business partners and customers are completely satisfied with all work done. Get in touch and discover what we can do for you.

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Transparent Services That Are Upfront and Affordable

Marketing services and online digital management can be costly for the small business owner. At social benge we take pride in providing reasonable pricing and upfront explanations of our plans and services... no hidden fees ever.

We want to see our clients succeed, so being transparent about the process is an essential part of our business model. 

Recent Clients and Small Businesses


Website Design and


Mikey V's

Website Design and


Aquatic Creations

Website Design and




and SEO

From Our Clients

Ethan recently ran analytics on my website and did a great job. He is a great resource to not only help you think outside of the box but see outside of the box. Even though I have built many successful websites it is essential to collaborate with others to validate your ideas.
I have pinged him recently for his continued support and hope we can work together again soon.
I highly recommend him to anyone and small businesses looking for extra help with social media, website analytics, and design!
Thanks Ethan.

James Z. / ZKwebdesigns / Owner

Confident Businesswoman

Are Ready to Grow?

From digital marketing and website design to SEO and social media management, we offer the services you need to grow your business online. 

We care most about the needs and goals of our clients. We want to see your small business grow and succeed. So, we go the extra mile to ensure just that! 


Get in touch and see what we can do for your small business.  

Let's Work Together!

We're passionate about innovation and brilliant ideas that will bring it all together in one stunning experience. If that sounds like you, then give us a call or send us an email to get started!

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