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Design Services

Graphic Design

- $150

Looking to get a fancy new menu or need a flyer for your business? Our graphic design services are here to help. Let us create the perfect graphics to help your business shine and grow. 

Logo Design

- $200

Every small business starts with brand identity. You can't begin to grow a business without knowing who you are and where you want to go. That all begins with a company logo. The first thing your audiences will see. The very thing that speaks who you are. Let us create the a logo that speaks volume about your company. 

Website Design

- $800

A website is the foundation for your online presense. Show off your brand and products, promote your company and grow. Let's work together to get you a fully optimized and innoative website so you can kick your small business off.

Need a logo and a website? We have a package deal for you!

Management Services

Social Media


- Prices Vary

Running a business is no easy task and it takes up a ton of time. That's why we offer social media management services. We are experts when it comes to social media and we want to make your life easier. Let us create engaging and relevant content to entertain, inform, and increase your niche audience. 

Paid Advertisement


- Prices Vary

Ready to grow at a fast pace? Paid advertisement is one of the best way to grow and beat your compition. However, paid advertisement can be confusing and it's only effective if done right. Let us take control and run campaigns for you, so you can grow with confidence.

Blogs and


- Prices Vary

Every major and small successul business has a blog now. Why? Because it now only provides valueable and engaging content for your audience, but it also helps build your SEO ranking. We have expert blog writers and webcopy writers. 

SEO Services



- $200

Without having proper SEO practices throughout your website, your company won't rank or pop in search engines. If you want your audience and potential new clients to find you, then SEO is the anwser! With our website optimization services, we will full optimize your website so you can start ranking. 

Guest Posts

- Prices Vary

Having your blogs posted on other website not only will help you bring in a larger audience but it will also improve your SEO ranking. Let us work with you to get guest posts from websites that are trusted.


Prices Vary

Want to collaborate with other businesses? Grow together, increase audiences, gain new clients, and sell more products with collaborations. We work to connect you with other small businesses. 


social benge is small digital marketing team that helps other small businesses. Through everything digital from website design to social media management and content creation.

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