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How Social Media Content Can Help Your Business

How Social Media Content Can Help Your Business

In today’s day and age, social media has shaped the ways consumers perceive businesses. There are roughly 210-230 million online shoppers in the United States. Nowadays, digital marketing services and small businesses have used social media platforms and social media content to promote their work. Let’s dive in!

Instagram Can Help You

Ten years ago, none of us would have imagined social media other than Facebook or even Twitter becoming the norm. Instagram came about at the beginning of the 2010s and showed no signs of stopping.

In the past, content marketing primarily involved blogs from small businesses. Nowadays, small businesses use Instagram to put themselves out there. Here’s how Instagram can help you with your business.

Instagram and Social Media Management

Instagram can help with social media management as you can now sell products and keep track of who’s visiting your profile. The statistics for your posts and profile give how much interactions other accounts have had with it and when they’ve interacted with it. However, you will need to set your account from personal to business in account settings.

Having original content on your posts will convince consumers and potential customers to visit/buy from you. Say your business is producing and selling t-shirts; you must post pictures and videos of the t-shirts you’ve made. If you post a t-shirt that you sell, but someone can find elsewhere, then they’re likely not going to buy it from you.

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Facebook Marketplace

While Facebook can help with promoting your business, you can sell products through Facebook Marketplace. Roughly 800 million users are using Marketplace to sell a variety of items from cars to iPhones and TVs to apartment spaces.

One of the perks of having Marketplace is that Facebook is willing to help grow your business and reach an engaged community. With Marketplace, you can reach a lot of people in your area. There is no charge to list your products, and you have an effective way of communication through Facebook Messenger.

Having a Social Media Manager

One way that is beneficial to running your social media accounts is to have a social media manager. However, you don’t want to hire anyone that knows how to run social media accounts; you want to hire someone who can develop content to help your social media presence stand out. For this, you’ll need to hire a social media content creator.

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When looking for a social media content creator, you’ll want to find someone who doesn’t solely know their way around Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You should hire a candidate who can make eye-popping visuals, creative captions, and, of course, can make your accounts relevant. Our digital marketing services can help in this area as we do services such as graphic designs and social media management.

Taking the Next Step

Social media content can help your small business get the traffic you want. By using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Marketplace, your social media presence can grow, and customers will come flooding to your business. If you need help managing your social media, you can always contact us, and we’ll happily help.

If you need any further services, feel free to check out our other blogs for tips and ideas.

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