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How to Improve Online Presence for Small Businesses

How to Improve Online Presence for Small Businesses

70 – 80 %. That is the percentage of customers who will not work with a business without a website according to Review 42. With the prevalence of the internet, a business will live and die with the condition of their online presence.

Small businesses especially will be affected by it as they can rely on the cheaper but readily accessible internet to attract business rather than more expensive venues of marketing. That is why owners of small businesses must learn to improve their online presence.

Benefits With an Online Presence

You might be asking what benefits a business, even a small mom-and-pop one, could receive from having an online presence. Well, there’s the most obvious answer to gaining access to over 4 billion internet users across the world, which would help a business grow if they offer services like online shopping.

Many other statstics show an online presence is worth it. For example, 55% of people will check a business’s reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, so showing successful interactions with customers will help to draw more in. Another is that 34% of US adults would go back to a seller they’ve used in the past, so, proving a trustworthy and reliable business will help to draw more return business as well as new.

Methods to Improve Online Presence

growing an online presence

There are many ways to improve online presence, especially thanks to the invention of social media. It is first important to decide which platform works best for your business and develop a strategy to accomplish your goals. For example, if your business focuses on the appearance of products, like a bakery or furniture builders, then a platform allowing for pictures, like Facebook and Instagram for instance, would be best.

Update, Update, Update

To further build your business’s digital presence, you can’t just make the websites and social media accounts and leave them to their own devices. These will need to be updated as often as possible with news about sales, responding to questions or concerns from customers, or just demonstrating what your business has to offer, but make certain not to bombard people with it, lest the account have the opposite effect.

Successful online businesses are not just the ones that have accounts on multiple platforms, but also ones that make it clear that an actual person is building them.

How to Start an Online Presence

logo design services

If you have yet to even start an online presence, then there are a lot of steps to catch up on. The first major step is to create a website. This can be done using any number of websites that offer easy builds with the only drawback being choosing which suits what sort of site you plan to make.

Social media accounts are equally simple to make for your business as there is little difference from making a personal account. Once they are in place, you must continue to update and improve each of these whenever there is a change with your company.

Website Crafters

However, you may not be comfortable with making such a new and crucial part of your business on your own. Luckily for you, we at social benge offer many services that can help streamline it for you. We can manage your business’s social media accounts, design your website, or optimize it to make it easier for your customers.

Don’t Fret!

Having an online presence for your business has become a key component in the success of a business, even a small one. While it may seem to be a daunting task to improve your online presence, taking it one step at a time will help you and your business to thrive.

If you decide you need help from professionals who will always do their best for your business, then please contact us at social benge. We look forward to working with you!

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