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Successful Virtual Team Building

successful virtual team building

Having a strong team is key to building your business, primarily if you work remotely. You want your employees and coworkers to be in a comfortable environment. In response to COVID-19, 2500% of small businesses resorted to doing virtual team building.

Here’s how you can effectively break the ice virtually with your remote team.

Starting With Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers are one of the easiest ways to get your coworkers/employees familiar with each other. There are a number of helpful ice breakers that you can use for team building. Here are a couple of games that can help!

If you want to go with an ice breaker that will get your team thinking, a lateral thinking questions game is fun. The game works like this; someone asks a question that will get the group thinking creatively and everyone has two minutes to share their answer. This exercise is a perfect way to bring out the imagination in everyone on the team.

Looking for a game where your coworkers can get to know each other better but not have anything that’ll induce anxiety, play Favorite Things. In this game, you choose a topic for your team to answer and they answer it individually. Topics can range from favorite aspects of remote work to favorite celebrities.

Whatever ice breakers you decide to use with your team, it will definitely help make the environment more welcoming to everyone else.

remote team

Avoiding Red Flags

Of course, in all virtual team building, obstacles will arise. In particular, communication can easily get lost between everyone. Here are some small business tips to make sure that doesn’t happen.

One red flag in virtual team building is repetitive mistakes. You always want to avoid these because if they keep happening over and over again, then it’ll cause tension amongst everyone. This can be fixed by talking to the individuals one-on-one; if talking goes well, then you’ll know right then and there that this solution is enforceable.

Another red flag to avoid in virtual team building is general feedback. If someone wants feedback on a project they're working on and their coworkers give them little to none, then there’s a problem on the table. To avoid this, make it clear to everyone on the team that feedback is welcome from whoever wants to provide it.

Understanding Its Importance

A vital benefit of virtual team building is collaboration. Once the ice is broken between everyone, encourage your colleagues to work together on projects and other work-related matters. A strong, healthy relationship between employees and coworkers can continue to grow through joint efforts.

Moving Forward

Virtual team building is vital to everyone, and it’s essential to realize how important it is for you and your team. Not only does virtual team building provide essential small business tips, but it helps strengthen relationships, make connections within the team, and help get work done. It can also reflect well on your business when reaching out to potential customers.

Finally, feel free to check out other content we have on our site that can contribute to your small business.

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