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Traits of a Great Logo for Businesses of All Sizes

Traits of a Great Logo for Businesses of All Sizes

Recent studies have found that customers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value to a company than customers just satisfied with a brand. Those connected emotionally also stay with a brand longer and recommend brands at a much higher rate.

Great logos capture public attention, establish and maintain an emotional connection, and link branding efforts.

When your logo contains all traits of a great logo, your business gains visibility, achieves competitive capacity, develops business growth, and keeps customers loyal. Let’s discuss what makes a great logo!

What Makes a Good Logo

Call to mind a well-known logo. Why does it work?

For most, the “M” or arches of McDonald’s comes to mind, as does the smile-like nature of Amazon’s arrow logo and the swooping check that represents Nike.

These logos are recognizable and unforgettable. Consider logos that impact you and why. Studying effective designs helps you make your own great logo.

Traits of a Great Logo According to Design Experts

Let’s consider insights about logos from Sagi Haviv, a partner at a reputable graphic design firm.

This firm handled some of the most notorious logos that most of us find dynamic, like the logos for NBC, National Geographic, Mobile, and Chase Bank.

Haviv explains that a good logo must include the following characteristics:

  • Simplicity

  • Appropriateness

  • Memorability

In addition, your logo should also have these traits:

  • Versatility

  • Sense of timelessness

It is not always enough to know the key features of a great logo. This article and other articles on the social benge blog will get you on your way to creating your own great logo. Next, let’s dive into the features mentioned above, and discuss logo design suggestions.

How to Make Your Logo Appropriate to Your Business

To incorporate this trait, think of your business, the target audience, and the market in which your business sits. Keep reading to see more important things to remember.

  • Express What You Want People to Know About Your Business

Consider the Amazon logo. What does it express about the company?

An outstanding example of logo expression is the Amazon logo. The logo expresses that the company sells everything from A to Z (the arrow connects the two letters). They say it also represents the smile that customers experience by shopping on the Amazon website (the arrow becomes a smile).

What do you want the public to know about your business?

what makes a good logo
  • Consider Your Audience

You will want the design and style choices for your logo to align with your audience’s appeal.

To reach the public at large, think of all ethnic, cultural, educational, and economic backgrounds. Your logo needs to be recognizable and relevant to everyone.

If you are selling to a select population, focus on what appeals to that specific subgroup and their specific interests.

If your audience seeks a down-to-earth company, don’t make your logo glitzy. Instead, you could make your logo welcoming, kind, or personable.

  • Consider Your Market

A logo appropriate to a business should also match the market in which the company rests. If it is not appropriate for your market, it is not appropriate for your business.

Consider the logos of competitors, see who succeeds, and why. Then, figure out how to create a logo that is unique within your market. This helps you stay competitive and stand apart.

Think of ExxonMobil and Marathon. They both have bright red in their logos. This color suggests power, draws attention, and shows from a distance.

The BP logo differs. Their logo is a bursting green flower and the letters “bp” are small and placed up in a corner.

Green might assert their commitment to environmental concerns. The prominent symbol could suggest the company’s popularity and ease of recognition.

How to Make Your Logo Uncomplicated

Our attention reroutes in a matter of moments. People do not want to decipher meanings, nor will they take that time. Check out the following guidelines:

  • Refrain from too much detail in the imagery or text

  • Keep everything easy to the eye and depicted well

  • Make the weight of the logo size and its design style balanced on both sides

  • Veer away from too many colors, severe color contrast, and extreme brightness

logo design suggestions

Audiences will retreat from logos that are not straightforward. You need to make your impression fast and furious, so you must keep everything clear.

How to Make Your Logo Versatile

You will save yourself much time and money if you check your logo’s ability to look great across various media. Let’s look at how to make it happen

  • Guarantee That Your Logo Looks Great on All Devices

Check this out on phones, tablets, and computers. Because each of these devices varies a lot in size and quality of image resolution, also check out how your logo looks on a variety of device brands.

  • Ensure That the Logo Keeps Quality When Printed

Your logo will be on letterhead, business cards, and other print materials. Keep logo resolution good enough to look well in print.

You might also use your logo on large signs. Check this and follow the next step.

  • Ensure It Is Clear

The public view your logo across many online and offline media. It must be identifiable when small. It must be crisp and without noise when large.

  • Confirm That It Looks Great Across Media

Remember that your logo will rest in a variety of forms of digital media and print forms. Consider what media rests near the image everywhere you place it.

logo design for small businesses

Ask yourself if your logo matches the other colors and styles on your website, business cards, letterhead, and so forth. Cover all bases here to prevent a lot of backtracking.

How to Make Your Logo Timeless

Your logo should endure social and economic changes through time, otherwise, you will risk having to change it down the road. It can be a problem if you change your logo after the public has viewed it.

Logo changes might occur for good reason, but this is always risky. Changing your logo later might cause your logo, and thus your business, to get lost in the shuffle because. As a result, folks will no longer connect the logo with your business. Here are some key points to keep in mind.

  • Consider How Your Logo Applies to Your Business Development

Your logo is not just about drawing your customers and clients in. Your logo helps people stay with your small business. It also encourages them to follow its brand through time. You want others to remember your logo in the future and also continue to share your brand online to grow your business.

traits of a great logo
  • Don’t Think Only of Current Logo Trends

Study about logo evolution and how your logo might change if need be.

For example, some logos that have a symbol and business name or initials allow a business to withdraw a name or initials so that a symbol or icon will suffice in the future.

Some logos develop well with technological changes. Think again of the Amazon logo. The logo is a visual image only.

Later, the company enhanced its logo and incorporated moving dynamics. The smile-like arrow now looks like someone is drawing it in real-time from one point to the other.

Will your logo withstand time and allow for change?

How to Make Your Logo Memorable

A memorable logo is one that is noteworthy. It stamps in everyone’s memory. This feature is hard to attain but is important to reach. It will require most of your effort, creativity, and resourcefulness, but don’t worry, we have some tips for you so keep reading!

  • Try to Make Your Logo Unique and Clever

A lot of businesses skip this step. As you know, many logos are the name of the business alone.

If you create a logo that differs from all others and apt to get that emotional connection we discussed at the start, your logo has the most power. This brings us to the next step.

  • Think of the Emotions You Want to Evoke

Is your company fun and playful? If yes, get the public to smile and feel happy and free. Is your company elite and sophisticated? If yes, demonstrate how your product or services make them special.

  • Review and Follow All the Guidelines Mentioned Above

This article is to inform and inspire. Go through it regularly. It will motivate you when creating and help when revising. Also, check out the social benge blog. There you will see other basic small business design tips helpful for any stage of the game.

Don’t Fret: You Can Create Your Own Great Logo

It's overwhelming to consider all the traits of a great logo. Great logo design takes much effort. Don’t get discouraged.

Remember that, as a small business owner, you already have the skill and talent to generate ideas and make things happen. These are the traits of every entrepreneur!

Contact Us if you need help. We are here to provide the best information about logo design for small businesses. With our help, you can get the amazing logo you want and need.


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