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The Importance of Logo Design for Small Businesses

The Importance of Logo Design for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, do you feel that only large companies need to make careful branding considerations? Do you think that any logo will market your company?

According to Forbes, a logo can be your business’s Achilles Heel or most powerful asset that links all of your branding efforts together. Don’t underestimate the importance of logo design. Realize the necessity of branding considerations for your small business.

Let’s look at the importance of logos and why you need to understand the power of their effect!

Why Brand Identity and Logo Design Considerations Are Critical

Statistics about small business trends show that 77% of marketers believe that branding is crucial for business growth. Once established, your brand identity becomes the idea or perception the public has about these aspects of your small business:

  • The characteristics of its product and services

  • The values and/or mission of the company

  • The features and benefits of your company compared to other businesses

  • The positioning of your company within its own market

Logos rest at the heart of your business’s brand identity. Logo design considerations are crucial and the social benge blog offers many articles to help you with your own small business logo design.

The Power of Logos

If you question the importance of logos, put yourself in the position of a consumer. When you jump on your computer or smartphone, they will flood you with images. Many of these images are logos.

Logos grab attention, elicit emotion, and reinforce memory.

The power of a logo stems from the biology and psychology of humans. We are all visual by nature. Consider these statistics:

brand identity

For this reason, social media, social media marketing, and digital marketing thrive on images, visual design, and logos.

Logos and Social Media Marketing

Logos are a big part of social networking and social media marketing. This article shows that the power of social media marketing comes from the very process of online sharing. This applies to logos as well.

As you and others suggest and share things online, the brain reinforces the memory of those logos. With the improved recall of the logo, your business recognition does as well.

importance of logos

Logos: Your Business’s Best Friend or Worst Nightmare

There is no question of the importance of logo design. You need a logo of excellent quality. You also need one that captures the attention and emotion of the public.

With proper logo design, your small business will develop, sustain, and grow. Don’t take logo design lightly.

We provide many useful articles about the topic. Contact Us if you have design questions or needs! We are here to help!


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