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Get a Headstart on LinkedIn Small Business Marketing

Get a Headstart on LinkedIn Small Business Marketing

One of the most powerful digital marketing tools is LinkedIn for small businesses. According to recently published LinkedIn statistics, 94 percent of business-to-business marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. Also, 80% of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn small business marketing.

Whether you’re looking to distribute marketing materials created in-house or add LinkedIn to your current white label social media management strategy, LinkedIn marketing can augment your reach and draw valuable sales prospects. Let’s take a look at how to make it happen!

You Have a Profile So It’s Time for a Page

LinkedIn’s instructions on how to create a LinkedIn Business Page for your company or organization can help you to get started. The process is fairly easy and should take you long to do. If you have a business, this is necessary to help you connect, grow, and become a part of your niche's community.

LinkedIn small business marketing

Your Bio Should Draw the Right People

When creating your “About” description, start by constructing a list of keywords. These should be search terms potential customers would use to describe their needs or specific outcomes they desire from your offerings. Use them when describing your organization’s mission.

Be sure to include the benefits and value you bring to customers. Don’t just say what you do; say why you do it. What makes your work fulfilling?

LinkedIn Is Not a Static Digital Marketing Asset

Your audience of collaborators, customers, and sales leads want to know that you’re connected in the industry and with current trends. Consider LinkedIn the place to show that you still got it.

LinkedIn marketing

Any time you receive a new testimonial, win an award, receive a new accolade, or complete a successful project, showcase that accomplishment. As well, repurpose content like blog posts and web content you already use to target customers. Consider publishing a few end-of-year stats you’re proud of and whether your organization achieved its goals.

Tip: LinkedIn will let you know when someone in your network has a birthday or an anniversary at their organization. Be sure to turn on these notification types to make sure you allow yourself to celebrate your employees, partners, and collaborators.

Your Logo Is Your Face and Your Background Is Your Outfit

In this highly digital landscape, no matter what your industry, a logo is key to establishing credibility and asserting your brand. The background photo of your LinkedIn business page is also a key part of showing who you are as an organization.

Make careful consideration in uploading the profile photo and background image onto your Page. These may remain relatively static to communicate consistency. Incorporate your organization’s values.

Not sure your current logo measures up? Look to social benge to create a custom logo to represent the personality and style of your organization.

white label social media management

Get Your LinkedIn Out in the Open

As you develop your presence on LinkedIn, take every opportunity to get your Page in front of valuable stakeholders to your company.

  • Include a link to your profile in your email signature

  • Direct people who are already part of your network to your Page

  • Put the URL to your page on your business cards

  • Mention that your company is on LinkedIn in your marketing activities

One way to make your Page easy to access and remember is to customize your URL. You can do this when editing your profile. For instance, you might use your tagline or the name of your company. View LinkedIn’s Help page for instructions and tips for making your custom URL.

Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

Plan to have the attention of users looking for your company or content. To do this, anticipate their needs. Leverage the different Business Page features to state how you create value for your customers and direct them to the right channel - your website, a specific landing page, your customer service email, your phone number, etc.

digital marketing on your phone

Tip: Change default contact labels such as a personal website or a company blog to reflect keywords your target audience uses to search for your product or service online. You can use the list of keywords you created for writing your About section.

Did you know? LinkedIn rewards you with greater visibility among your network when you complete the contact and personal information completely. Take advantage of that boost!

Use LinkedIn to Study Your Competitors

As you’re making editorial choices on your own LinkedIn Business Page, look up your competitors use LinkedIn for small businesses. This will allow you to gain insight into their marketing strategies and specific tactics, like what they post about and the ways they engage users in their network.

Perform a competitive analysis:

  • What terms and keywords do competitors emphasize in their summary?

  • How are they promoting their products and services?

  • What kind of content are they publishing and does it get engagement?

  • What skills and expertise do their employees showcase?

  • Are they posting job openings, and if so, what skills and experience are they looking for?

You’re Busy, So Plan Ahead of Time

As a small business owner, you’re completely occupied by the immediate needs of your employees and customers. Sometimes, this means you have to neglect networking opportunities. Sometimes, you realize you finally have time, but you don’t know what to do!

Schedule time to sit down and make connections on LinkedIn. This can be weekly or monthly. Leading up to that time, you’ll no doubt compile a list of tasks to complete - reach out to people in your industry, research the competition, post content, follow up with sales leads. Then when that scheduled time happens, you’ll be more productive and feel a sense of completion.

LinkedIn for small businesses

Start With the Basics to Grow Into Brilliance

LinkedIn small business marketing can be daunting. Follow each section of this article as a checklist.

Every business needs labor dedicated to growing its online presence. If you don’t have the personnel or your current workforce doesn’t have experience with digital marketing, we can help you cultivate your organization’s voice online. Be sure to contact social benge for social media and make your life a little bit easier.

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