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Tips for Writing Blog Posts for Small Businesses

Tips for Writing Blog Posts for Small Businesses

Small businesses that have active blogs receive 126% more growth in leads than businesses that do not. As a result of this fact, writing blog posts for small businesses had become crucial for maintaining their consumer base. With the hiring of a quality website content writer, you can take this work out of your hands.

We at social benge will be able to provide quality content for your site among other valuable services that we provide. However, if you should wish to do this on your own, we’ve got some helpful tips that might make it a bit easier. Let’s have a look!

Choosing Type of Content

The first thing you should think about when writing your business’s blog is the content. This may seem a tad obvious, but it cannot be understated how important it is. Your blog will serve as a proverbial welcome mat to new customers, so if you fill the blog with a series of posts that are in no way connected to your business, they won’t be interested in looking any further.

how to write a blog post

So, just to clarify, when writing blog posts for small businesses, you need to build your blog with articles that will cater to the audience you hope to draw in. As such, if you are a hardware store, create blog posts based on topics that people visiting such stores might be interested in, like tool maintenance or how to perform specific tasks.

Ideas for Writing Blog Posts for Small Businesses

There are, in fact, many blog post ideas that you could have beyond making articles focused on random topics. The important thing to realize is what type of content works best for you and your blog. Switching it up now and then won’t hurt, but you keep focused on the type of audience you need to pay attention to your business.

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For example, maybe having a contest or fundraiser could draw in more potential viewers. Perhaps an interesting video will peak their interest or even an article about a long-time customer, just to show how much you value your clients.

Quality and Quantity

In that same line of thought, you will also want to make certain what you are posting is quality content. Other than the topic of the post, the readability of the content writing is extremely important. If the viewers of your blog post can’t understand what you’ve written, then they won’t continue reading your posts and they likely won’t consider becoming customers.

Similarly, adding visual content, like images and videos, will help to make your blog more appealing to the readers. No one wants to read a big block of text no matter what the topic is. Visual content will help to break up the monotony and keep the readers’ attention.

Moving away from the quality aspects of content writing, let’s look at the quantity. When it comes to the creation of a blog for your business, whether it is big or small, regular posts are key to its success. This means that you will need to post new articles on a schedule, but make certain you are not overloading it or updating it too often, or else articles won’t have a chance to draw in readers.

Small Details, Big Effects

Optimizing the length of your blog helps in the same way. By making sure it isn’t too long while also giving all of the necessary information, you will make sure that the reader doesn’t lose interest and click off your article, never to be seen again.

 quality website content writer

Answering common customer questions and using keywords is another good way to write a successful blog. Answering the questions will let your current readers know that you are actually listening to them. Additionally, it would allow potential new customers to know that they would be valued and listened to as well.

What Are Keywords

Keywords are words that focus search engine results to specific articles. As such, if you use the right keywords in your article when people start searching for the same topics, they’ll be more likely to be sent to your site.

Keywords don’t have to be anything special. They just have to be a word or short series of words that people will most likely search when going to a specific topic. Going back to the hardware store example, a keyword to draw people into your article might be “titanium drill bits.”

Guest Posts

A final tip to small businesses writing a blog is to consider having guest posts. This involves having someone from another site or business write a post for your site. This will change up the style for your site and it will draw those that are interested in the guest writer to your site.

content writing

Guest posting can also involve someone from your site writing something on another site. Either way, this will help both sites provide new content as well as give potential visitors access to them.

Help Is Here if You Look

This may seem like a lot and if you want to have help with creating a masterpiece of a blog, then social benge is here to help! Let us handle the content writing and whatever else you need. Writing blog posts for small businesses is just one way we can help, so please contact us today and we’ll get started!

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